This novel captures every feeling a marriage experiences through a spine-chilling tale of love and hatred. In this story, a boy falls in love with a girl, but their happily-ever-after story fails miserably. She received everything he gave her, but she returned his love with falsehoods, causing the foundation of their relationship to be broken. He worked very hard to keep his marriage together since he was a sincere partner, but his wife’s lies and manipulations prevented him from ever succeeding. Tragedies and survival are combined in Aiden Eberman’s interesting yet challenging trip. This book revolves around all the complex emotions in a dying marriage.


Why Read It?

This book is all about having hope and believing in oneself. No matter how challenging a circumstance you are in, the sun’s powerful rays will make all your problems go the following day. It conveys the virtues of hope and patience. It teaches you that you must persevere, if not for your own sake, then at least for the sake of your loved ones. This book describes Aiden’s traumatic experiences and how he never gave up hope. He persisted in going forward for himself, his children, and his family despite numerous roadblocks in his path. This book is a fantastic read!

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