Why is love crucial for survival?

Love is a common feeling that unites us with others. A father trying to spend time with you might play catch with you, or your mother might give you her gentle embrace. It can be discovered in our lovers’ tender kisses and in our friendships. Since the dawn of time, love has been the primary […]


Why do marriages fail?

Lack of sex and intimacy is the most common reason for divorce. If there were a drug that could increase a woman’s libido, I believe most of them would take it. Typically, men have a larger libido than women, which frequently leads to partnership problems. (Women occasionally exhibit higher desire levels than their male partners, […]


How to cope with a cheating partner

It is understandable to desire to know why your spouse cheated, but there is rarely a straightforward explanation for why someone commits infidelity. It can be a sign of other issues in your marriage, it might be connected to something from your partner’s history, or it might have nothing to do with you or your […]