Lack of sex and intimacy is the most common reason for divorce. If there were a drug that could increase a woman’s libido, I believe most of them would take it. Typically, men have a larger libido than women, which frequently leads to partnership problems. (Women occasionally exhibit higher desire levels than their male partners, but this is less typical. The counseling and remedies, nevertheless, would be comparable.)

Many people believe that a physical relationship is “worse,” but the trauma that results is actually the same. All of the links that hold a relationship together—emotional, physical, and spiritual—break down as a result of betrayal. Because they are unable to move past the betrayal, many couples choose to divorce because trust, respect, loyalty, and communication have been so severely destroyed. I frequently witness cases when one of the partners has been unfaithful and has left the marriage because they sincerely believe they will be happier and more fulfilled with the other person.

Boundaries and expectations appear to be another aspect that separates couples. We all understand what limits are, but we don’t often discuss or express them verbally. Each individual in a relationship has various expectations and boundaries. Your personal experiences, your upbringing, your religious beliefs, and the role models you’ve seen in life all have an impact on your boundaries. If your boundaries are not being respected, that is a big no-no for most people. Compulsive sexual behavior or sex addiction frequently entails several affairs and ongoing betrayal. This is frequently one of the most distressing things that can happen to a partnership.



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